Menifee Car Repair Tips and Savings for Summer 2020

Menifee car repair has prepared some tips as more people venture out with their vehicles with less quarantine restrictions this summer, however, since many vehicles have not been utilized much since last winter its vital to have a mechanic check the items below as we do for our clients with the our mobile car repair service.

1. Coolant System

Keeping cool is paramount for our cars by checking the level of coolant fluid in your car. We go the extra mile and inspect the state of the hoses and the coolant reservoir by checking on leaks, especially at joints and connection points, such as where a hose connects to the engine block.

2. Engine Belts

There is usually a serpentine belt that runs between the alternator, the fan and several other components. It can deteriorate, become loose, start to squeal, and sometimes just break for no apparent reason. It needs to be in good condition and at the right amount of tension. If we see cracks in the belt or small pieces missing, it’s time to replace the belt.

3. Wipers

Yes, it’s summer, but it’s probably going to rain at some point. Worn wipers create nasty streaks across the windshield and can affect your vision while driving. Replacing them doesn’t cost much, but it can be a fiddly operation that we can help with wit our mobile car repair service.

4. Other Essential Fluids

For our clients we check oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer fluids regularly. These liquids never stop being used and consumed. Speaking of brake fluid, how do the brakes on your car feel in general? Are they lacking in bite? Feeling a bit spongy? If so, new pads and a system bleed might be required. This is the kind of maintenance of maintenance we can provide with our current brake special of $129.00 per axle for most makes and models.

5. Air-Conditioning System

Air-conditioning is a summer essential and if you have an older system, then leaking Freon into the atmosphere is not good. Remember, if there’s not enough refrigerant in the system, you have a leak. We can have a qualified mechanic fix the leak before paying to have the air-conditioning system recharged.

6. Air Filter

The winter’s decomposing leaves and dust may be clogging up drainage points, windshield-washer nozzles or your car’s air filter. This is a good time to have a new one installed or have the current one out and give it a cleaning. Many modern cars also have pollen filters or cabin filtration systems. Our qualified technicians can check all your filters based on the make and model of your vehicle.

7. Tires

Tires really need to be checked regularly all year round. Pressures must be correct (consult the manual because sometimes that information is on the inside of the fuel door or the door jamb for the driver’s door), treads should be free of stones, stray nails and the like, and all four should be in good condition. Good condition means no cracks, no uneven wear (this might be caused by a suspension problem) and plenty of tread depth. Since summer is a time for road trips, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a can of Fix-A-Flat and have the spare inspected as well by one of our mechanics.


Menifee car repair in response to Covid-19 and the financial burden it has caused so many of our clients and neighbors is currently offering a 20% discount off our mobile car repair services to assist with needed upkeep and maintenance. Driving the summer months in the heat can find your vehicle breaking down if not properly serviced and maintained and can be dangerous in the summer heat. Call us at Tel. 951-852-1794 to set up an appointment where we will travel to your home or office with our equipped mobile car repair vans.

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