The Importance of Brake Maintenance!

Your car’s braking system is one of its most important safety features and well-maintained brakes can be the difference between avoiding an accident and a potential tragedy. Because of the importance of maintaining your brakes, the last thing you should do is skip over repairs or let them deteriorate. Do you hear a noise when you brake? Does your car vibrate when you come to even a gradual stop? Those are signs of the brake pads and disc wearing down. It’s recommended that drivers check their brakes every 10,000 to 13,000 miles, but if you’re already noticing signs of deterioration then a check-up should be performed immediately. In order to maintain your braking system, there are two important things every car owner should do: check your brake fluid regularly and have the brake pads and brake discs inspected when necessary. If you’ve noticed signs that your braking system is due for maintenance, schedule an appointment with our mobile car repair service ASAP. We currently are offering brake specials for popular foreign imports such as Honda and Toyota as we continue to assist our neighbors with low prices and great service during this difficult pandemic.

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